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A Meesage to the Teachers who Teach Our Children Overseas

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sri lankan expat teachers

In 2016, a new Teacher's Instruction Manual for writing characters has been introduced to the Grade 1 teachers of Sri Lankan schools. Even though you live in a far away country, it is crucial that, you to teach the Sri Lankan students of your school, in abidance with the up-to-date new syllabus (click here download the syllabus). eNipuna contains multiple writing improvement activities that strictly abide to these guideline which were introduced in 2016 by the NIE - National Institute of Education

Futhermore, eNipuna has introduced 70 pre-writing activities to assist the child in writing characters. Encouraging the child to practice these pre-writing skills as much as possible, will provide him/her with a solid footing to write characters of any given alphabet. Therefore, as responsible preschool teachers, please do make the parents aware of all the benefits of these pre-writing exercises that come with the eNipuna package and guide your students to follow the on screen guidelines and practice the writing activities as much as possible.

eNipuna software comes with various educational activities in both Sinhala and English. It contains a 3D game that intended to introduce primary grade Sinhala alphabetic characters & words constructed with them to the child. Furthermore, there are numerous educational activities such as, recognising environmental shapes and sounds, piecing pictures together, match & connect games, counting, addition, word puzzles, mnemonic improvement, 'delisa' (දැලිස) exercises which improve mathematical efficiency etc. are introduced with the “eNipuna” package.

We have also added a special Picture Puzzle to nourish your child’s knowledge of the important ancient places of Sri Lanka , amazing creations & heritages of the world and prominent personalities. It is our collective responsibility to teach our expatriate children about their historical heritage. eNipuna software which is created with this social responsibility in mind, will help everybody regardless of their age.

As noble expatriate teachers who teach teach our beloved youngsters, now you have the opportunity to introduce eNipuna software kit to the students at your school.

Order the eNipuna software for your students today. We are ready to deliver the eNipuna software kit right to your school!

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