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Educational Puzzle

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The educational jigsaw puzzle is a special creation, which would bring your child a novel experience. We have played jig saw puzzle games in our childhood using paper and wood materials. Many kids at present show their interest to play jig saw puzzles using the computer. Electronic jig saw puzzle activities could attract kids through various techniques enabling them to obtain a comprehensive knowledge. For example the child would be encouraged after completing a puzzle by various presentations with pretty animations.  
After probing deep by considering above facts, we now present you the electronic jig saw puzzle through a successful creation, which bring your child a wealth of information related to subject matters.   
The educational jig saw puzzle has been produced with 100 activities including world wonders, world heritages of Sri Lanka, historic sites, nature wonders, noble persons and wonderful wildlife. The educational jig saw puzzle is the most convenient way of watching all above without touring around the world.  
Educational Jig Saw Puzzle
After completing each puzzle component successfully, educational information relevant to the picture will be displayed on the screen through animation.


  • It shows the time taken to complete the puzzle activity,
  • No pictures unsuitable to kids are included,
  • Total number of puzzle activities is 100, and
  • Ten different levels with increasing complexity as level moves up are included

Benefit of jigsaw puzzle

I think no parent will argue that child jigsaw puzzle is truly an educational toy for toddlers, preschoolers and even preteen kids. It has been around for a long time. Yet, it's often considered to be more superior compared to most recently-developed child educational toys. Its superiority lies in the fact that this toy offers a range of educational value for a minimum cost.
Let's have a look at how a kid jigsaw puzzle enhances your child's development:

  • Improves hand-eye coordination since children will have to fit the jigsaw pieces into the board properly.
  • Develops shape/size recognition and matching ability.
  • Develops logical thinking.
  • Enhances spatial relation skills.
  • Develops pre-reading skills by enhancing the ability of children to recognize shapes.
  • Develops perseverance attitude since children will have to persevere to be able to complete the child jigsaw puzzle.
  • Enhances social skills. Who would not enjoy putting jigsaw pieces together with friends and famiy by the way?

And... you can always use this toy to develop the language skills by talking about the picture of the child jigsaw puzzle

Price : 9.50USD

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අකුරු ලියන පොතඅකුරු කාඩ් 32 ක්පිලි නම් කට්ටලයපිලි කට්ටලයපැන්සලක්DVD Pack


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