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For thousands of expatriate Sri Lankan children living all around the world, an opportunity to advance their primary education in their native language, is invaluable. When parents notice that their children are weak in speaking and writing their native language due to lack of exposure to the language in their class rooms, it is inevitable for them to wish for a computerized educational program that combines both modern technology and proper Sinhala language.

The recognition of this pressing requirement is the very reason we have decided to offer your children the "eNipuna" educational software

Award for the best educational computer program

eNipuna Software Kit contains an extensive range of educational activities to broaden the subject knowledge of your preschooler. It contains a 3D game that intended to introduce primary grade Sinhala alphabetic characters & words constructed with them to the child. It consists of several educational activities that promote child's handwriting skills and all activities are fully comply with the new Teaching Instructional Manual which is introduced to the Sri Lankan School System in 2016. Furthermore, there are numerous educational activities such as, the use of 'Pili' (පිලි/පිල්ලම්), recognising environmental shapes and sounds, piecing pictures together, match & connect games, counting, addition, word puzzles, mnemonic improvement, 'delisa' (දැලිස) exercises which improve mathematical efficiency etc. are introduced with the “eNipuna” package. We have also added a special Picture Puzzle to nourish your child’s knowledge of ancient places of Sri Lanka , amazing creations & heritages of the world and prominent personalities.

The computer has already become an essential equipment in most of our households. Consequently, it is improbable for us to keep the kids away from it and neither should we try to do so. We shall make them realise that, the computer is not just a mere entertainment device or a tool for making life easier, but also a tremendously versatile educational aid. Although, this is hardly a novel concept to an Sri Lankan expatriate child, they seldom get the opportunity to use a high quality educational software developed in their mother tongue.

Now you have the opportunity to online purchase the “eNipuna” software that is used by more than a hundred thousand Sri Lankan children in local schools. eNipuna is a bilingual (Sinhala/English) software and you can purchase it either for your own child or gift it to another. This application package is launched especially for the Sri Lankan expatriates, so we kindly request you to get the maximum out of it.

With each purchase, you get an exercise book for writing letters, Sinhala Akuru Cards and a pencil. Experience a wonderful educational guide for your child!

free pencil

අකුරු ලියන පොතඅකුරු කාඩ් 32 ක්පිලි නම් කට්ටලයපිලි කට්ටලයපැන්සලක්DVD Pack



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