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Primary Educational Activities

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'Primary Education Activities' is a computer program that has a range of educational activities which help children understand the various subjects they learn at school.

'Primary Education Activities' introduces 70 pre-writing activities to assist the child in writing characters. You can encourage the child to practice a few pre-wring activities a day, using any witing medium (Stylus & Slate, Pencil, Pen, Copy papers, Notebooks etc.), while the activity is being operated on the computer screen. Encouraging the child to practice these pre-writing skills as much as possible, will provide him/her with a solid footing to write characters of any given alphabet. Letting children to practice pre-writing exercises like this will definitely help them to have correct and proper handwriting in their higher classes.

Sinhala Alphabet (Hodiya)In 2016, a new Teacher's Instruction Manual for writing characters has been introduced to the Grade 1 teachers of Sri Lankan schools. Even though you live overseas, it is very important to teach the Sri Lankan students of your school according to the new syllabus (click here download the syllabus). 'Primary Education Activities' contains multiple writing improvement activities that strictly abide to these guideline which were introduced in 2016 by the NIE - National Institute of Education

You child can use the exercise book that comes bundled with our software package, to practice the writing exercises while studying the lectures show on the computer screen. This technique has been introduced after conducting several experiments to enhance the handwriting skills of our children.

As we mentioned before, there is an array of educational activities such as, the use of 'Pili' (පිලි/පිල්ලම්), recognising environmental shapes and sounds, piecing pictures together, match & connect games, counting, addition, solving word puzzles, mnemonic improvement, learning coins (identifying denominations), 'delisa' (දැලිස) exercises which improve mathematical efficiency etc. are introduced with the “eNipuna” package. We have also added a special Picture Puzzle to nourish your child’s knowledge of ancient places of Sri Lanka , amazing creations & heritages of the world and prominent personalities. This software is designed very attractively so that, the child is encouraged by a reward at the completion of every activity.

This covers the following subjective activities

  • Identification of basic models
  • Creating & drawing simple objects
  • Natural sounds
  • Simple calculations
  • Puzzle games
  • Filling in the blanks to form simple words
  • Selecting the correct words
  • Memory games
  • Matching the similar objects


  • Attractive techniques are included to explain & guide the child to follow the lessons.
  • The child is attractively encouraged at the end of each lessons
  • This CD includes the appropriate pronunciations of words & figures.
  • The child is given the opportunity to more from one lesson to another
  • Each & every activity should be followed using the mother tongue

Price : 12.00USD

Order the eNipuna Educational Software Kit with 6 software in both English & Sinhala for your child today!

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