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Sinhala Education - Learning software for Kids


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  • Instead of deviation your child from the Computer, it will be more useful to direct him to a computer based subjective study. This will enhance their subject knowledge and the external educational awareness as well.
  • Often, the computer based education is organized to attract children creating interesting learning environments. Hence they automatically engage in interesting games which improve their subject knowledge
  • The child needs to think & decide by his own in order to follow each step in a Computer based activity. This will improve your child’s logical & analytical thinking abilities.
  • The researchers have found that logical & analytical thinking abilities of children who follow the traditional educations are far below than those who use supportive educational instruments simultaneously.
  • Children who get used to Computer based education systems at their beginnings, need not to be the computer awareness knowledge at later stages given. They have successfully trained the usage of the computer, through Computer based activities.
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